4/11/2017 - Crowns of Power is Back!

We have officially purchased Crowns of Power. This is the first major step in bringing this game back to life, this isn't just a remake.. this IS the Crowns of Power we all know and love. We look forward to seeing you all in Arder as soon as possible!

Thanks for your support!
~ Robinhood

3/05/2017- Crowns of Power Reborn!

So not long ago a few of you decided to make a Crowns of Power facebook group chat.. almost a 100 strong later here we are, contemplating bringing this game back in all of it's former glory! It's simply AMAZING how many of us their are after all this time. Who knows what becomes of all of this, but it looks like were all in for the ride that much is certain.

Great to see you all!
~ Robinhood