Quick, minor update.

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Quick, minor update.

Post by Sin » Tue Mar 20, 2018 10:55 am

Just a quick update right now but I’m letting everyone know that we’re still working on the game. It’s been seven months since our last update and that is unacceptable but, at the same time, there was no other alternative. I’m hoping to have some bigger news updates out soon but we’re still hammering out a few details first but here this smaller one until then. Consider is the herald of things to come. :D

In the meantime, again, we’re still working on the game. Right now we’ve got a few people transitioning the game to a new engine. It’s been great Torque but it’s time to move on.

We’re also getting closer to getting the server up and running. We have a few dedicated programmers doing all the heavy lifting which could be out soon. Paraphrasing one of their words (because I have no idea how servers work):
A part of the old server is missing so it needs to be written from scratch.

I’m not sure how “confidential” the missing piece is so all I will say is it’s a tedious “smaller” piece between two larger and working pieces.

Long story short, we’ll all end up owing a few people a drink at some point, hopefully, soon!

Finally, we’re looking into funding. Might be crowdsourced, might not. Again, still hammering out some details.

I just really want to let everyone who doesn't frequent the Discord know Crowns of Power isn't dead. For those who doubt the progress we’re making, check out some teaser images of the future of Arder.

An, as good as we're gonna get, comparison of Helmstead. Right next to the watchtower; that lake that's made for trade but doesn't actually go anywhere now opens into things. Or eventually, it will once we make them.

More Helmstead: floating over the lake looking at, where I'm pretty sure, is the Sigil Summoning ground and Chief Xin'dal.

Future plans for a combined Helmstead and Tulorn.

A future zone to come? Hmm....

Just some more things we may get around to in the near and distant future.

We still have a lot to go so stay tuned for more news. We might have previews of Zhul in the coming days as well. <3

Also, keep in mind all these images are still being worked on and subject to change.
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