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Suggestions from the old forums

Post by Sin » Fri Jun 16, 2017 9:55 pm

Just gonna post who posted their ideas and what they were. These were on the old site that we're not using but the ideas themselves were worth talking about. Not sure how good or easy the discussion is gonna be with a dozen ideas in one place but they're here and that's important; for prosperity's sake, I guess. These are ideas from two threads just to screw up talking about them even harder and I'm only posting ideas, not the bouncing around of ideas (that one idea). I've only edited for format and readability.

Blackfang wrote:
1. Merge different zones to make less loading time.
2. Max guild members 20-25
3. Can make guild when you are at level 20.
4. Rename spells (like "Superior", "Supreme", "Stunning colors") to something more "fancy".
5. Make higher level gaps
6. Have moderators from different timezones.

New Added
7. Guild strongholds
8. Rename of some zones and mobs
9. New zones
10. More quests and longer chain quests
1-limted time for whoever holding THE CROWN - no Trade allowed either
2-Access to see Guild rescources by members but not ALLOWed to loot
3-Guild War high Rewards (Items , Reagents , RUNES .. etc )
4-Auction House available for whoever spend at least 25$ on the game or high amount like 1.00000000000 for GOLD
1- if its easy to make the puchases with PaySafe cards or Mobile texting or Mobile Calling and of course paypal!
2- about the Auction house available for gold and $ because some people are poor like (me) wont be able to spent alot money like others but i will!
3-you can put some Fashion items for good Look with some efects, like fire=some flames or shadow=with shadows it was something like the events with the pumpkin on the head if you remember !
4-you can put on every zone some rare goblins that drops threasure or runes or alot gold or even some points if its able!
5- Baldrics would be nice also to drop somewhere but very rare but the 2 ones and keep the 3 baldric of power in point store!
Gold Exchange - If we could make sure gold issues were fixed I'd love have a way to sell/buy it for points in some sort of player ran exchange/economy. Hard to balance probably at first but players would naturally settle it in and adjust the value would be determined by us. These could even be non-transferable points that only worked at said exchange and the pointstore/gems and NOT on the tradeblock. This turns the game into a slightly less pay to win sort of thing while still holding value to real premium point purchases. As a guild that naturally collects gold for halls and other things it would be nice to be able to award members with gold to help them rather than always be limited to awarding items that often are no good to them without gems. Once a item has been gemmed with non-transferable points it cannot be traded until ungemmed or no?

Bounty Hunting - I want to be able to put bounties on peoples head with gold for gold rewards. I'd like to be able to do this in a few ways... 1. Straight up Gold for kills, full disclosure of who put the bounty up. 2. Anon bounty.. it would be less effective but would allow you to remain nameless so we can all have some fun with it without the drama that could potentially come with it. The one thing I can think of I don't like about the idea is this would be a great way to bully people even when your not around.. so some people might ruin it if their wasn't a fair system in place behind it.
Brillant EXP set - I would personally like to see all the old players get a piece of the brillant set simular to how beta players got the brillant cape, I think the head, baldric, and shoulders just to name a few (there are more lol) were nonexistant so theirs room for it to expand anyway. I would also like my cape back lol.. however as opposed to before with us Beta players I would like to see the cape aval to everyone though in the pointstore and beta players merely have a cosmetically different texture. Beta also got a exp clicky, but it was pretty insignificant so I don't see a need/want for it. I would also like to see the item old but not beta players get also be avail on the pointstore but again with a different skin. A small token if you will to old school players. Then again I have no idea how to tell who was who or if that's even a possibility other than taking peoples word for it. To top it all off I'd like to see the brillant set completed for the other slots (regardless) as well on the pointstore. I loved my xp set.. sounds more useful now than ever, and it is not game breaking.
Departed Terrance - Please fix Departed Terrance entrance aggro/gy (as well as 'aggro bug'?). Seems like a few things you should do here. 1 remodel the entrance so the graveyard can be moved.
2. look into aggro bug where mobs get stuck in aggro.
An unregistered Novena:
I would honestly love to see mounts. Not to increase travel speed as zones are small enough to travel without any boost. Maybe if they expand as was suggested on discord then maybe increase movement speed a bit. If not then purely for cosmetic reasons. One thing I like to do in end game is camp bosses for cosmetic items mounts being one thing I've spent entirely too much time doing have them drop from particular bosses,some people would normally camp for runes and some that have little use after quests or that drop runes just about every time. Have them have an extremely low rate so they aren't just everywhere. Keeps you playing and interested in the game long after you get your gear. I know some don't like the idea but it's my person suggestion.

Another thing would be to change the look of the gear you wear to something else (transmog)that way everyone doesn't look exactly the same once you gear up. Gets a little boring everyone wearing the exact same things. Have some cool loooking items have a low drop rate on certain lower level bosses again giving people in late game something else to spend their time doing.

Some differences in appearance when making your character tattoos scars hair and eye colour would be simple enough. Even if it's 5 different faces to choose from would be better then just one default.

And maybe cosmetic pets again by random bosses low drop something else to keep people playing later in game. With all this people would have and choose different mounts pets and gear and everyone wouldn't visually look the same. That was my one problem with cop no variety whatso ever in appearance.
Idea for paid content:

Race Change:
Right now all we have is white man and white woman. I'm thinking it might be a decent idea to add more options. I know there are few in the files currently there but I'm sure it's possible to add more. Even if there's no race bonuses or uniqueness like in D&D or other MMOs, it might be a worthwhile idea to allow people to change into Outcasts or Felguards. I'm curious what that Draken is too. And a few more default options at character creation are needed, not paid wise so we don't all appear to be going to a klan rally.

I know some people are against them but there are a lot of games that have mounts as paid content. As to wither or not there can be penalties to using them can be left up to other people but, again, it can bring money in and be something new too see. Also, I'd consider flight/hover a mount. I also want to ride a bunny like in Star Ocean.

EXP Boost:
It's not technically paid to win but it can help level faster which might be worth it if you raise the level cap. You'll still have to grind for runes and gear. I know a lot of games do this too and I'm just throwing ideas out here.

Cosmetic Items:
Pay 5000 points to get a wardrobe (in appearance only) to that of you're god of choice. We may need to actually create the gods and give them badass looking gear. Or just any NPC wardrobe, for that matter. I've always liked how the CP tank gear looks but should have never used it. They can even be seemingly useless stuff like wings, or can make you look like a monster in the game (or an amalgamation of all of them) kinda like the race change idea above but body part specific. There can even be pop-culture costumes as well. Who wouldn't want to run around looking like an off-brand creative commons Superman?

Misc skills:
Skills that don't really effect battle like ability to breathe underwater, a teleport skill that replaces the scrolls and recall, defog Styzzy and Sanctum Mire

"Give us Money Button"
It doesn't do anything but give you guys money. So it's an in-game donate button.
We've been thinking up ideas on Dicord but I'm not sure how many of them have made it here. So, skimming what I've found:

I know a few of us would like the PVP cloak to go away.
Do something about the Crowns and make them harder to hide on alts.
Guild Member limits.
More items, spells, new color. (probably the least important right now)
Alternate reward/loot system

And, most importantly,
Fix the bugs which, I'm sure is plan number 1. Perhaps we should make a list of most needed fixes once the game goes up?

Nub also suggested incorporating the past server into the lore somehow. Make reference to legends, guilds, and events of the past namely Omega, Slash, Benetar, DL, MDA, EoE, ED --then Slash said red/black is the same as black/red and Slash isn't a legend or something anymore...--. Not totally sure but I'm down for a full re-write of lore which I'd love to do. I'd also like to rewrite/add quests to make some overarching story or expand on what's already there.
None of that cloak bullshit!
Some of this isn't relevant anymore (looking at the last thing I said) but it's here. I also left the more technical thread out of here.
We ain't dead yet! Working through some IRL stuff right but the council is hoping to get things working soon. Get hyped again!

Current Plan: Discuss Patreon

ETA TO Beta: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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