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by Batrachos
Sat Oct 07, 2017 4:58 pm
Forum: In-Game Talk
Topic: Discord
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Re: Discord

by Batrachos
Sat Sep 02, 2017 4:20 am
Forum: In-Game Talk
Topic: IF their was a PVE server I would... (POLL)
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Re: IF their was a PVE server I would... (POLL)

Make it so at Character creation you have to select one of 2 options: PvP or PvE. those who choose PvP will be locked in PvP status and probably should have something like name in red to signify they are PvP. additionally you can set a NPC in game that a PvE player can talk to that lets them Perman...
by Batrachos
Fri Jun 16, 2017 4:49 pm
Forum: Suggestions
Topic: maps?
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Re: maps?

IDK man, I'm a fan of game maps, if its feasible I think it would be nice to have.