Welcome to the official website for the completely unique, online 3D role-playing game of magical spells, magical gear, strategy, alliances, politics and more! This site will keep you in touch with the updates and developments of the game.

Crowns of Power is Back!

Welcome to the Crowns of Power official website. We are currently in the process of rebuilding CoP from the outdated Torque game engine to the updated Torque3D engine.

We have the old Torque client available for download and play, as we are looking for insight and advice on things that can be done along the way; whilst we continue to develop this game from where it left off years ago. We have the forums on this website up, so feel free to make an account and chime in. We also have a Discord channel where you can chat with the community and/or ask questions about the game.

Thanks for your continued support!