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Crowns of Power  - A 3D
Graphical Online Role-Playing Game.
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Welcome to the official website for the completely unique, online 3D Role-Playing Game of magical spells, magical gear, strategy, alliances, politics and more! This site will keep you in touch with the updates and developments of the game.


09/07/10 - Royal Auction!

The 2nd ever Royal Auction for Crowns of Power is now here!

On Tuesday, September 14th the Crowns of Power team will be hosting a live Royal Auction event beginning at 8PM Eastern Standard Time. We hope that everyone can make it on for this rare event that will be sure to include other fun activities by the Moderators and Admins!

You can take advantage of our Double Point promotion that is currently live right now and also be sure to take full advantage of all the Free Point Offers we have available in preparation for this exciting event!

We look forward to seeing everyone there,
--Crowns of Power Team

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Top 5 Synge Players

# Player Experience Level Guild
1 Omega 37,980,854 50 Perpetual Immortality
2 SLASH 37,963,279 50 Perpetual Immortality
3 Stelistu 32,436,889 50 Eternal Guardians
4 Fogg 32,173,064 50 Perpetual Immortality
5 Affliction 30,222,117 50 Perpetual Immortality

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Top 5 Lightscythe Players

# Player Experience Level Guild
1 Gargamel 18,784,680 50 Prophecy of Doom
2 Desire 17,688,757 50 The Others
3 Allanon 17,635,142 50 The Others
4 Harm 15,864,741 50 The Others
5 Yasen 13,946,609 50 The Others

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Crowns of Power was created and devloped by Rampid Interactive.

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